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Statement of Faith

Relational Theology emphasizes God’s character as manifested in his Son; Jesus demonstrates God’s love for Man and invites him into the fellowship of the Trinity.

This is a working draft of our Faith Statement…

Relational Theology

A. Incarnational – The Word Became Flesh

  • Word Became Flesh
  • The Express Image
  • Priest and Mediator
  • Man to God and God to Man

B. Trinitarian – Unity and Community

  • God is a Unity
  • God is a Community
    • The Father
    • The Word
    • Holy Spirit – Helper
  • God is Relational [at his core]

C. The Image of God – Dominion Through Union

  • Man in God’s Image
  • Male and Female
  • The Fall, the Curse, The Promise
  • Idolatry and Adultery
  • Christ is God’s Express Image
  • Christ is the Kinsman Redeemer
  • Christ is the Son of Man
  • Christ is the Second Adam

D. Kingdom – Worlds Collide

Kingdom vs the Worldly Kingdoms

  • The Kingdom vs Babylon
  • The Kingdom vs Egypt

The Second Adam: The First Shall Be Last

  • The Second supplants and fulfills the First
    • Cain and Abel
    • Esau and Jacob
    • Saul and David
  • Adam and Christ
    • Moses and Christ
    • Out of Egypt I have called my Son
  • Israel and the Church [develop]
    • The Temple and the Body
    • Jerusalem and the New Jerusalem
    • The Old Covenant and New Covenant
    • Eden and

E. Relationships Between God and Man

Creator and Creature

  • The Creature Belongs
  • The Creator owns
  • God is the Creator and Owner
  • We are the Creatures and Property
  • Christ feared and respected the Father – God fulfills both roles [develop]
    • A Body I have prepared for you…

Gardener and Garden

  • Branches remain in the vine and bear fruit
  • The Gardener prunes
  • Father is the gardener
  • Jesus is the vine and firstfruits – God fulfills both roles in Christ

Shepherd and Sheep

  • The Sheep Follow the Shepherd
  • The Shepherd Leads, Protects, Divides the Sheep
  • Christ is the Shepherd
  • We are Sheep
  • Christ is the perfect Lamb – God fulfills both roles in Christ

Husband and Wife

  • The Husband and Wife become one
  • The Husband Loves his Wife
  • The Wife Respects her Husband
  • Christ is the Husband
  • The Church is the Bride
  • The Trinity is the pattern for marriage – God fulfilling both roles

Parent and Child

  • Children obey their Parents
  • God is the Father
  • Christ is the Only Begotten – God fulfills both roles
  • We are Adopted
  • The pattern for Parents and Children

Body and Spirit

  • The Spirit indwells the Body
  • The Church is the Temple
  • The Holy Spirit indwells the Church
  • The Holy Spirit indwells Christ – God fulfills both roles

Master and Slave

  • The Slave Obeys the Master (out of love and devotion)
  • God is the Master
  • We are the Slaves (bond-servants)
  • Christ was obedient to the Father [out of love and devotion] – God fulfills both roles